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Black Cauldron Soap Co.

Bougie Lemon Carpet & Upholstery Refresher

Bougie Lemon Carpet & Upholstery Refresher

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Our Carpet and Upholstery refresher is a SAFE and NON TOXIC way to refresh ANY space. I use this powder often and get tons of compliments from my friends and family on how amazing my home smells!!!  The powder soaks up odor and neutralizes it, in a CLEAN way.

Directions for Use:

1. Sprinkle generously on carpets, rugs, couches, upholstery.
2. Wait 20-25 minutes.
3. Use hand or rolling vacuum over refresher.
4. Enjoy the home refreshing scent.
5. Repeat as desired.


All scents are PARABEN AND PHTHALATE free! 

Bougie Lemon - kalamansi lime, green tea, citrus, and soft musk. A fresh, green lemon fragrance!

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Altmeyer

Bougie Lemon is a lovely scent! Not too citrusy with yummy undertones. I will buy again!